Nicolas Noben

Designer & Developer by trade, Father, Visual Artist, Music Producer, Pro Pinballer, Hacker.


Yuge [WIP] Private Chat Platform for Teams Focused on Privacy Web/Go 2021
Pinsales [BETA] The "Redbook" of Pinball Machines Prices in Australia Web 2020
XOL Isometric Physics Platformer Game - on Steam (PC & Mac) Godot 2020
Boomdeck Skeuomorphic Music and Radio Player for MacOS Swift 2020
Netping MacOS menubar internet status Swift 2020
Pinball Catalog Pinball Catalog Videos Search Web 2019
BOM tools Brisbane Weather Nerd board (note: hacky) Web 2019
Paddle vs. Paddle Playstation 4 game sold in 63 countries UE4 / C++ 2017
Receipts Receipts scanning / collecting web app using camera VueJS / Firebase 2017
Pilots Explore TV Pilots before they come out VueJS 2017 Complete Resume Builder on the web React / Firebase 2016
TV Plus Keep track of your TV show from the web AIR 2015
Supapaper News paper like aggregator of the web JS 2012
TV Sniffr Keep track of your TV show from disk AIR 2009
Chop'n'Send Email campaigns from artboard made easy JS / PHP 2009
Twittm Desktop Twitter Client AIR 2009
  † Plus many retired projects before and in between...  


Endice Software Director / Full Stack / Design / Development Daily
Playing Pinball Pinball Tournaments Weekly
Online Streaming Twitch Streaming Pinball, Music and Arcade games Ad hoc
Visual Arts 3D Art Expressionism since 1998, now on Instagram Ad hoc
Music Producer Producing since 1997, produced in large European label in 2000 Ad hoc


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