Nicolas Noben

Netping Crappy nbn™ detector / internet status Free • Swift 5 • 10.14+


Have you ever wondered what the @#$%^ is going on with your @#$%^%& Internet and just *&^%# wanted to know if your machine can reach the @#$%$& Internet?

This is all Netping does. It pings the @#$%^#$@ Internet and optionally logs it to file (~/Downloads) and sends growl like user-notifications (which are displayed top right)

This is a menubar only application that uses "/sbin/ping" sending 1 ICMP packet every 2 seconds to

So that, when a page *(^&**& hangs, or your Youtube video %$&#@# rebuffers, you have a @#$%$^ idea of what's going on.



1.1Added preference panels, choice of target, interval and many fixesMay 2020
1.0Initial release.May 2020


ConvenientLittle menubar app
Ping1.1.1.1 or preferred target every X seconds of your choice
LogsLogs to file if desired (in ~/Downloads, rotated daily)
NotificationsGet "Growl like" User Notifications if desired


Download (12MB)


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