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Track your TV shows, movies, and discover new ones!

Free • Swift 5.10 • macOS 12+

MacOS, Free application, TV Tracker, TV shows, Movie Tracker, SwiftUI


TVMaster is a macOS native application that keeps track of your TV shows and movies.

Shows can be added from the pilot or the show search. Movie can be added via search.

The TV section uses TVMaze and the Movie section uses TMDB (The movie database).

Discover new shows and returning shows with various filters via the New Shows view.

1.5 Major: added support for movies using TMDB! Apr 2024
1.4 Many improvements in features and UX.
NOTE: min requirement: Monterey 12.0
Mar 2024
1.3 Added the shows’ networks and UX improvements Mar 2024
1.2 Minor bug fix Jan 2024
1.1 Bug fixes and improvements to the add show section Jun 2023
1.0 Initial release. Oct 2022
My Shows Add and maintain your current shows, with tracking of seasons and episodes seen and upcoming.
My Movies Add and maintain your seen and owned movies, with location information.
Cover Art Georgous covers from TVMaze / TMDB.
Discover Shows See recent shows and returning shows, filter per language, genre and channel.
Search Find shows / movies using the TVMaze / TMDB APIs.

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