After struggling with making easy-to-peal and perfectly cooked eggs every time, I found a really good method I’d like to document.

The main issue is the induction cooktops, it’s difficult to make eggs via boiling that will be consistent every time.

I found this steaming technique and it works absolute wonders. I’ve made quite a lot of eggs, of various sizes, age, and it’s been great consistently on an electric cooktop.

Use a vegetable saucepan + steamer, if you don’t have a specialised steaming tray for eggs… I don’t!


  • Bring a saucepan to boil, with 2cm / 1 inch of water
  • Put eggs in steamer above it, over the water
  • Reduce heat to 50-60% for continuous gentle boil and steam
  • Cover with a faint gap so the steam can escape
  • Leave steaming for 15’ for regular eggs, 16’ for XL eggs
  • At time, turn off the heat,
  • Spoon eggs out gently into a bowl of cold water, to cool down

That’s it, really simple, bring to a boil, 15-16 minutes, cool them down. You’ll find eggs hopefully really easy to peal, and perfectly smoothly cooked all around.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make me happy.