Nicolas Noben

Change LSP settings in BBEdit for Intelliphense

LSP, BBEdit, PHP, Intelliphense



Recently having moved to BBEdit, one thing that drove me crazy was the formatting using intelliphense (PHP) would automatically use PSR12 (default) where it puts the curly brace on a new line.

Say what you will about code style and all but I wanted K&R.

In VSCode this is trivial, edit the config, add a line and done. In BBEdit, not so quick!

The setup

Once you have intelliphense set up properly in BBEdit - see this page and search for “php”:

Got to ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/

You should see a folder Language Server, in there you’ll find probably something for intelliphense such as storage.

See if there is a Configuration folder or create it. In there, create a php.json or whatever you’d like to call it, to hold your intelliphense config.

So the file is ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Servers/Configuration/php.json

Here is my final json


				"format": {"braces": "k&r"}

Change the k&r to your preferred format. I’ve used this emacs reference to find the settings name:

Save it, restart BBEdit.

The usage

Screenshot 1 of BBEdit LSP settings Screenshot 2 of BBEdit LSP settings

Restart BBEdit and the next time you format code, your braces should be as you intended!